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Street Trees - Acer (Maple) - Thomas deHaas

This week’s selection comes from the Maple family. Red maples have dominated our tree lawns and streets for several decades. They are fine trees with good fall color and durability. But there are others I suggest you consider:

Acer campstre ‘Hedge King’

and Acer campestre ‘Emerald Splendor’

are 2 trees to consider along with other Hedge Maples. The group tends to be low growing with corky bark.

They make an excellent lawn specimen and/or street tree.

Another maple to consider is Acer miyabei ‘State Street’

a Morton Arboretum introduction which is heat, drought, and salt tolerant. It has a great branching habit for a street tree.

Acer griseumis becoming more popular as a small specimen tree with year-round appeal. It has exfoliating bark in the winter,

good summer foliage and a red to scarlet fall color.

Acer griseum x ‘Gingerbread’or akaA.g. x ‘Girard’s Hybrid’is a great cultivar.

Acer truncatum x Acer platenoides ‘Keithsform’, also sometimes labeledA.t x A. p ‘Pacific Sunset or ‘Crimson Sunset’’is Norwegian Sunset Maple is being used in the Cincinnati area as a street tree.

has a great fall color.

Three more maples you may want to consider are Acer tataricum, Tartarian Maple

 Acer triflorum, Three-flowered Maple

and Acer buergerianum, Trident Maple.

The takeaway is there are more maples out there thanAcer rubrum! Consider some mentioned as alternatives.

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