Plant of the Week - Rosemary

Our plant pick is a favorite for both the herb grower / user, and for the holiday plant grower.She would be Rosemary…which I admit is not one of my favorite tasting herbs.I don’t like the taste of pine needles. 😊But it is sold quite a bit at the holidays, specially pruned and shaped like a Christmas Tree.Rosemary (which is a perennial evergreen) can be grown in the ground as an annual (where temps drop below freezing), as a perennials where temps stay above freezing, or as in most cases, grown in a container, and taken outdoors for the summer and indoors for the winter. Although Rosemary is one tough herb and tolerates both cooler (down to freezing) and hot weather (native to the Mediterranean area), she can be a tough one to over winter indoors.Many folks are having great success if they have a garage that stays cool but not freezing over the winter, or a sunroom that does the same.But if growing indoors, I think there are 3 main keys for being successful with Rosemary!1.) She needs lots of sun…I’m talking a super well-lit sunny location.And rotate her regularly so she gets exposure to the full sun on all sides.2.) She needs good drainage, Water when her soil completely dries out.Water well (with warm water), let the soil dry out, then water again.3.) She needs good air circulation.Placing a small desk fan away from the plant can create enough air circulation to help prevent powdery mildew from setting in.This, along with mites and aphids can be issues with Rosemary indoors.She does like a good shower in warm water, so very 2-3 weeks feel free to set her in a tub and rinse her foliage…which helps rinse off insect issues and soaks the soil at the same time.Rosemary, our plant pick of the week, as we get ready to kick off the Holiday season!