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Street Trees - Aesculus (Buckeye) - Thomas deHaas

Aesculus sp. including Buckeye

and Common Horsechestnut

have gotten a bad rap due to Guignardia aesculi(Guignardia leaf spot onAesculus)

Actually, some are more resistant than others. We hope to highlight some that could be considered potential street trees.

Aesculus x arnoldiana ‘Autumn Splendor’

which is a hybrid includingAesculus glabra, A. flavaandA. pavia.Autumn Splendor Buckeye can have a dark red fall color, yellow-red flowers which appears in May

and is resistant to scorch.

Aesculus flavawhich is Yellow Buckeye has yellow flowers in the spring

and orange fall color

and will become a very large tree

and is a perfect replacement for Common Horsechestnut but not along a street. In addition, the fruits

can put a dent in cars so better suited for a park or large space.

Aesculus pavia,Red Buckeye is a smaller tree

that produces red flowers in May

and may develop into brown buckeyes in the fall.

It prefers moist, well-drained soil.

AlthoughAesculus x 'Homestead'has limited availability, it might be worth investigating since it shows resistance to Guignardia aesculi(Guignardia leaf spot onAesculus):

Aesculus hitppocastanum,Common Horsechestnut

is predisposed to show symtoms ofGuignardia aesculi(Guignardia leaf spot onAesculus).

A. x carnea ‘Briotii’,

A. x carnea ‘Fort McNair’

are less problematic than the straight speciesA. hippocastanumto Guignardia aesculi(Guignardia leaf spot onAesculus) but some years can defoliate mid to late summer.

A. hippocastanum ‘Baumannii’, 

tends to have the cleanest foliage and a double white flower.

Because genetics include Common Horsechestnut, they are is predisposed to symptoms ofGuignardia aesculi(Guignardia leaf spot onAesculus). 

Aesculus glabra,Ohio Buckeye is the state tree but needs space to be appropriate for use as a street tree.

In closing, considerAesculusas a possible choice where soil is moist and well-drained. Add one to your list.

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