Plant of the Week - Italian Arum

Our plant pick this week is very unusual, in the fact that while most [perennials have gone dormant and somewhat disappeared for the winter, this one is just getting started.It’s called Italian Arum (Arum italicum) and while the rest of the garden is asleep, this beauty is producing spectacular foliage (glossy green arrow shaped leaves with white marbling) that last all winter and fade away mid spring.But wait, there’s more!Hooded, greenish ivory flowers appear by early summer followed by stalks of bright orange berries!An unusual plant for the woodland and shade garden that’s not too dry.Great one for hosta beds…critter resistant…slow to establish.All parts of the plant can be toxic.If foliage dies during extreme cold winter, they will regrow as temps warm.Dig and divide mid summer when tubers are dormant.

Other common names include: Italian Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo’s Pint, Italian Lily, Orange Candle Flower