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Street Trees 12 - Platanus, Prunus, Amelanchier, and Tilia

This week we look at what some very durable choices for street trees. London Planetree, Cherry, Serviceberry and Linden provide some good alternatives. Some have been used in an urban setting for years, but others are new and worth considering.

Platanus occidentalis, Sycamore is a native tree that can be found in low lying areas along riverbanks and stream and has distinct exfoliating bark revealing a white trunk.

Platanus x. acerifolia ‘Bloodgood’, Bloodgood London Planetree has been used for years in an urban, park setting and can become a very large tree when mature. It handles heat and drought conditions well.

Platanus x. acerifolia ‘Exclamation’™, Exclamation London Planetree has an upright pyramidal habit with a moderate growth rate and shows resistance to anthracnose.

Platanus x. acerifolia ‘Suttneri’, Variegated London Planetree has streaked foliage but a very striking white bark.

Prunus – Cherry provides some nice cultivars that lent themselves to use as street trees.

Prunus x. ‘Okame’, Okame Cherry has a pink flower in the spring and a good fall color display.

Prunus serrulata ‘Snowgoose’, Snowgoose Cherry has pure white flowers. The tree is a medium fast grower and tends to form an upright shape and is a good choice for under wire urban tree.

Prunus sargenti ‘JFS-KW58’™, Pink Flair Cherry forms a narrow vase shape and has a pink flower and orange-red fall color.

Amelanchier – Serviceberry can form a good, durable tree in a street, parking lot setting.

Amelanchier x. grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has white flowers in spring, fruit in summer which attracts wildlife, and turns brilliant red in fall.

Amelanchier x. g. “Ballerina’, Ballerina Serviceberry has clusters of white flowers in spring, fruit in summer, red fall color and a compact growth habit.

Amelanchier x. g. ‘Robin Hill’, Robin Hill Serviceberry has pink buds fading to white.

Tilia – Linden has some selections that lend to urban settings.Most produce yellow flowers that attracts pollinators.

Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire ™, Greenspire Linden is a narrow grower with a strong. Central leader and produces a yellow fall color.

Tilia tomentosa ‘Sterling, Sterling Silver Linden has an upright, rounded growth habit with leaves that are green on top and silver on the bottom.

Tilia americana ‘American Sentry’™, American Sentry Linden has a narrow, pyramidal habit.

Give strong consideration to Platanus, Prunus, Amelanchier, and Tilia for use in an urban setting.

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