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Ron Wilson

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Learn about Seasonal Bees at Your Service - Webinar

Learn about Seasonal Bees at Your Service 

  • Learnthe difference between honey bee colonies and solitary bees
  • Learnhow cavity-nesting bees are adapted for seasonal activity and aid in crop production
  • Learnhow to bring cavity-nesting bees into your own garden

Wednesday, March


10:00am EST

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Dr. Theresa Pitts-Singer

Theresa Pitts-Singer is a Research Entomologist at theUSDA-ARS Pollinating Insects Research Unitin Logan, Utah. Her 18+ years of research on alfalfa leafcutting bees and blue orchard bees focuses on bee reproduction during crop pollination, on chemical cues that affect bee behavior, and on effects of certain pesticides on bees. She is co-editor of the bookBee Pollination in Agricultural Ecosystems, is co-author of 2 patents on bee-related products, and haspublishedover 45 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including her work with professional colleagues, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students.

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