Summer Watering Tips


During the heat, you need to make sure to check your plants often.

  • Always check your plants each time before you water.
  • Physically and visually check to make sure water is needed by pulling the mulch aside to look at the soil and feel to check the moisture levels of both the root ball and soil.
  • If your leaves are wilting, your plant may be too wet or too dry.
  • Smaller root balls and container-grown plants require more frequent watering.
  • In the summer, annuals, hanging baskets, potted plants, and groundcover may require daily or every other day watering. A solution is to use water-grabbing polymers like Soil Moist, a product that is added to the soil to reduce watering needs.
  • Do not overwater your plants. You will not overwater with a one-time soaking. You overwater when you water too often, and the soils stay consistently wet causing the roots not to breathe and root-rot sets in.


  • Don’t ever assume showers and thunderstorms have thoroughly watered your plants. It helps to use a rain gauge.
  • It takes several years for plants to become established. During droughts and dry spells, you will need additional watering.
  • If your plant is growing next to or under a large tree, it will dry out quicker based on competition for soil moisture.

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