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Rita's July 4th burger dog for the grill

All American Burger Dog


1 pound ground beef (I like ground chuck)

Steak seasoning, like Montreal or Canadian steak seasoning (or just seasoned salt and pepper to taste)

Hot dog buns, extra long if you can get them


Catsup, mayo, tomato, pickle (sliced to fit bun) whatever you like


Divide beef into 2 or 3 portions, depending upon how you like your burgers.

Place each portion out on a piece of plastic wrap and pat into a rectangular shape, about as long as your hot dog bun. Season and then roll beef into a log, using the plastic wrap as a guide.

Wrap plastic tightly around log and twist both ends tight. Pat a bit to slightly flatten. This can be done ahead.

When ready to grill, remove wrap and grill until done to your likeness.

When the burger dogs are almost done, top with a slice of cheese.

Toast the buns a bit if you like, then spread each with mayo, catsup, and add tomato, pickle, whatever you like. Place burger dog on top.

Adapted slightly from Chef John.

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