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Start the New Year with a Rita Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are trendy right now for a reason. They can be nutrient dense since the are usually made with fruit, greens, seeds and nuts. You can ramp up the protein in the smoothie bowl, too, by adding protein powder. And kids love smoothie bowls - let them top with their favorites and you’ll be on the way to a healthy, happy day!

SMOOTHIE BOWLS First, you have to make a smoothie:


2 cups frozen fruit

1 cup liquid

1 teaspoon seeds like chia or ground flax

Optional but good: nut butter, protein powder, greens


Just blend everything up in the blender.

Pour some of the smoothie into a bowl.

Now add toppings:

Granola, cereal, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, honey, dried fruit, whatever!


Accidentally make your smoothie too thin? Add more frozen fruit or protein powder. If you don’t have either, add a little ice as a last resort.

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