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Beekeeping Resources


Top on my list in alpha order are:

ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture….42nd Edition – multiple authors (since 1877)

Bee-Sentials: A Field Guide -by Lawrence Connor

Beekeeping For Dummies (5th edition) - by Howland Blackiston

First Lessons in Beekeeping by Charles P. Dadant

First Time Beekeeping - By: Kim Flottum

First Years in Beekeeping- by Keith S. Delaplane

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping - by Dr.’s Caron and Connor

Honey Plants of North America -by Harvey B. Lovell

Starting Right with Bees - by H.G.Rowe

The Backyard Beekeeper, 4th Edition: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden - by Kim Flottum

The Beekeeper’s Handbook - by Sammataro and Avitabile

The Beekeeper's Problem Solver: 100 Common Problems Explored and Explained -

by James E. Tew

Beekeeping Magazines

Bee Culture Magazine -

American Bee Journal -

Helpful websites include:


Honey bee Health Coalition -

Bee Informed Partnership -

American Beekeeping Federation -

National Honey Board -

Project Apis m

American Honey Producers

USDA Bee Lab -

Ohio Dept. Agriculture Apiary Section -

Pollinator Partnership -

Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund -

Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative -

Xerces Soc. -

Online teaching links

Univ FL -

Univ MN -

Penn State U -

Univ MT

Cornell Univ-


Dr. Tew podcasts -

Ohio State Beekeepers Assoc. -

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