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Backyard Birdscaping - Info Courtesy of Coast of Maine

As wildlife habitats are threatened by ongoing development, the creation of a bird-friendly environment, or “birdscaping,” is crucial to the existence of our wild bird population. A well-planned birdscape will provide our fine feathered friends with a dependable source of food, water, and shelter while affording an enjoyable and educational activity for the entire family.

Penobscot Blend Organic & Natural Planting Mix

Planting various trees and shrubs, especially those with berries, seeds, and nectar-producing flowers, is the perfect way to provide food and safe shelter for wild birds. Ensure the health of new additions to the backyard birdscape by amending your soil at planting time with a liberal amount of Penobscot Blend Organic & Natural Planting Mix. This ideal soil amendment is formulated from compost, aged bark, oyster shell, and mycorrhizae for optimum plant health.



Birds, the perfect backyard guests, provide more benefits than many homeowners realize. Wild birds can…

Control insects by feasting on flying and crawling pests such as mosquitoes, slugs, and snails.

Pollinate plants by flitting from flower to flower as they seek out insects and seeds to eat, spreading pollen amongst the blooms.

Manage weeds as they consume copious amounts of weed seeds before the seeds ever have a chance to sprout.

Control rodents when raptors visit the yard searching for mice, rats, gophers, voles, or other unwanted pests.


Fortunately, it is easy to attract a wide variety of backyard birds when you offer them what they need most – food, water, and shelter.


Wild birds rely on both natural and supplemental food sources, so it is essential to consider both when birdscaping. Feeding the birds is most important in the winter when natural food is scarce, but they visit feeders any time of year. Migratory birds require additional food in the spring and fall as they pass through the region. Nesting birds rely on full feeders in the summer.



Improve your backyard bird habitat by adding water. Birds require a constant supply of clean water for drinking and bathing. This is especially important in late summer when water is generally scarce, and in the winter, when it is frequently frozen.



It is important to offer safe and comfortable shelter for your wild birds to nurture their young, protect them from predators, and shield them from the elements.


When you meet birds' food, water, and shelter needs, your birdscape will soon be home to a fun and friendly flock of backyard birds.

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