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My Spring Bulbs are Emerging. Will frost or snow hurt and cause damage?

Thomas deHaas

My bulbs have started to emerge from the soil. Is it too early? Are they going to be damaged?


The answer is probably not. Even if the foliage is matted down by a late season snow, the flowers should be fine. Some of our spring flowering bulbs have already emerged and flowered or are flowering now. These include snowbells and Winter Aconite.


Also, Hellebores (Lenten Rose) is just getting ready to flower. This plant produces flowers from white to yellow to pale lavender.


Daffodils are beginning to emerge. If these were planted on a south facing side of a building, the heat reflecting off that building will speed up the flowering. If mulch is on top of the foliage, just let it go. It won’t hurt a thing. In fact, removing it can damage the foliage. If daffodils are planted in a colder location like the shores of Lake Erie, they will emerge later.


Crocuses are showing foliage and will soon flower. Tulips are also emerging, foliage first, followed by flowers.


Hyacinth foliage is emerging as well, and some are even showing flowers deep down in the foliage. The hyacinths that are being sold in stores now were forced in a greenhouse, as well as tulips that were forced.


While you are checking on your bulbs, don’t forget about one of our woody native and ornamental shrubs, Witch hazel. The flowers are beautiful and the fragrance, intoxicating.


Below is a BYGL post on Witch Hazel:


Consider planting a Witch Hazel in your landscape!


So don’t worry about your bulbs, they should be fine even if covered by snow or frost.


That is unless your tulips are surrounded by deer.


Good luck! Deer love to get their 2 lips on Tulips!

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