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Plant of the Week - Sweetshrubs

From Amy Stone -

This eye-catching summer blooming shrub is an attention grabber. 


This plant is located outside the office and has garnered the attention of many visitors. Its red, magnolia-like flowers with a slight fruity fragrance is blooming in NW Ohio. It has been underway for almost a couple weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. 


The next three photos show the flowers at different stages in bloom - from early to mid to full bloom. All are attractive in their sequence or timing of opening fully. 


The shrubs mature size will top out between 6 - 8 tall, and nearly as wide. Be sure it gets the space it deserves. 


'Aphrodite' is a hybrid between our native Calycanthus and an Asian species and is a Proven Winner. 


It is a perfect shrub for a woodland edge. At the Toledo Botanical Garden, the shrubs were utilized in the Doneghy Inclusive Garden along a wooden fence at the east entrance, under the edge of the giant sycamores, and establishing themselves quite nicely. 


If gardeners feel the need to prune, it should be done after flowering. 


This shrub tolerates a wide variety of soil types including clay but prefers a well-drained site that is high in organic matter - if we were a plant, wouldn't we all (lol)! 

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