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Why you should start celebrating your financial victories

You’ve set money goals. You’ve achieved those goals. Now you deserve to be rewarded!

After all, it takes motivation, persistence, and consistency to accomplish your financial goals and objectives.

Financial planning can be a tedious process, even boring and overwhelming at times, so celebrating your milestones can ease the pressure. Reward your success, no matter how small or large.

For example, your goal may be to build an emergency fund to cover three months of your expenses. However, to achieve this, you may have to deny yourself some of your everyday pleasures. This, in a sense, makes this goal less enjoyable to accomplish.

But what if you could turn this idea around and add joy and satisfaction to the mix? Focus on the result and the feeling of accomplishment it will bring you. You’re not just giving up your morning latte any more or neglecting yourself of a night eating out every week – you’re working toward something that will make you feel more financially secure.

Focus your attention on the positive outcome, not the sacrifice it takes to get there.

So, when determining your financial goals, also decide how you’re going to celebrate once you reach them. This will make the process more enjoyable. It will allow you to feel like you’re not only working toward financial security, but you’re working toward something that will bring you true happiness.

Also, make sure the celebration matches the magnitude of the goal. If you skipped your morning latte five times in one week, don’t decide to celebrate by purchasing your dream vacation.

You want your celebration to align with your goal. You don’t want to move backward.

The Simply Money Point 

You’ve worked hard to reach your money goals. No matter if they’re small or large, they’re worth celebrating.

And when it comes to the ultimate goal of retirement, are you on track? Download the Simply Money Advisors Guide, ‘How to Prepare for Retirement,' to learn more.

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